Revolabs Academy Training Program

The Revolabs Academy is now online! All of our training and certification programs can be easily Revolabs Academyaccessed on our website, allowing students to start, stop, pause, and complete the courses on their own schedule. The Revolabs Academy is FREE and will leave participants completely prepared to integrate any Revolabs product into any environment.

Revolabs Academy courses cover:

  • Wireless microphone applications
  • Integrating all Revolabs wireless products
  • Maintaining RF stability and avoiding interference
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance, and repair procedures
  • The basics of gain structure, acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and other DSP and video codec related topics and how they relate to a Revolabs system

Many of our courses reward participants with AVIXA RU credits towards CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I certification.

Start Learning

*When submitted as a line item on a purchase order of $10,000 USD or more of Revolabs products to a corresponding distributor.  See certificate for complete terms and conditions.

“The training provided by Revolabs was more than what I expected. We saw all the new products, received [much] information about those products, we even talked to the product.  We went so deep into it… Seriously, if you plan to [specify] those products, you need to take this training… for optimal knowledge.”  -  Simon Poitras, CBCI Telecom Canada Inc.