Battery Replacement

The Battery Replacement Program will no longer be available after March 31st 2018 for non-replaceable battery microphones (microphones with serial numbers beginning with “5” or “6”). The Microphone Upgrade Program will still be available after this date.

All batteries lose charge capacity over time. Revolabs strongly suggests all microphone batteries be replaced after four years to maintain operational parameters and prevent possible damage.

Revolabs is proud to announce our new Field Replaceable Battery Microphones. These microphones allow our customers to replace the batteries in their microphones on site, reducing the need for a service call or system re-configuration. As part of this new product launch, we have established a Microphone Upgrade Program. This program allows our customers to upgrade their current microphones to the new Field Replaceable Battery versions at a significantly reduced price. For more information on how to upgrade your microphones or purchase batteries for your upgraded microphones click here

If you would like to setup a standard battery exchange and not go through with the upgrade process, please use the form below.

Revolabs Battery Replacement Program

To begin, you will need to have the following:

  • Microphone model SKU of each microphone
  • Serial number for each microphone
  • Date code for each microphone

The microphone information including your microphone model number, serial number and date code are located on the back of your Revolabs microphone.

To complete checkout, you will need to have the following:

  • Credit card (we are unable to process purchase orders)
  • *Shipping address and contact information

Please select the model number of your microphones that need to be replaced.  Once you have selected the model, please enter the serial number and date code as indicated on the back of the microphone.

*  In which region are the microphones currently in use?

North, Central & South America
EMEA & India - Europe, Middle East, Africa & India
APAC - Asia Pacific & Australia

*Shipping charges are in addition to the microphone cost and will be calculated at checkout