Single & Dual Channel

Perfect for Video Carts and Video Conference Solutions in Small Conference Rooms

Revolabs Single & Dual Channel wireless microphone systems with its one or two wireless microphones, superior HD audio quality, and extremely small form factor, provide the ideal solution for mobile video carts and other applications in conferencing settings. Its wireless design eliminates the clutter of wires, while drastically simplifying setup for even novice users. For easy integration into your video conferencing solution, the HD™ system plug-and-play system is ready to offer high performance right out of the box. Great for mobile video carts, HD Venue™ offers rack-mountable design for transport security and reliability.

As a rule of thumb, for the best audio performance in any environment or setting, it is recommended to have at least one microphone for every two participants. Visit the Microphone Types section for information on the various microphones Revolabs has to offer.

Looking for a mobile audio solution to take your video conferencing to the next level, without the unsightly clutter of wires?  Look no further than the Revolabs HD™ Single & Dual Channel wireless microphone system. 

Installed wireless microphone system with two channels for auditoriums and lecture halls.

Designed to be rack-mountable, Revolabs HD Venue™ wireless microphone system is a great installed audio solution for any small conference room or mobile video cart.