Solo™ Wireless Microphones

Microphones Diversified for Multi-purpose Use

For the Fusion™ 4 & 8 Channel Wireless Microphone Systems, Revolabs Solo™ comes in four microphone types -wearable, tabletop, boundary, and handheld - allowing users to mix and match the microphones to best suit the audio needs of the room.

Each Solo™ microphones is unique on its own. The omni-directional tabletop microphone allows for 360-degree coverage around the microphone, ideal for a conference table. The directional tabletop microphone enables voice capture of two or three people, perfect for training rooms or panel discussions. The wearable, lapel microphone is great for presenters who need a microphone to capture their voice audio. Finally, the XLR microphone adapter gives users an option of using a handheld microphone wirelessly with the Fusion™ Wireless Microphone Systems.

All wireless communication between the Solo™ microphones and receiver is digitally encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology, securing the communication and preventing unwanted listeners.

The Solo™ Wireless Microphones are to be used with Revolabs Fusion™ 4 & 8 Channel Microphone Systems.

NOTE: For the best audio performance in any environment or setting, it is recommended to have at least one microphone for every two participants.