Wireless Microphones for HD™ System

Exceptional Audio Quality in Sleek and Compact Designs

Sporting sleek and compact designs, Revolabs offers a wide range of wireless, rechargeable microphones and adaptors that provide up to eight hours of talk time for any application. Revolabs’ lightweight, wearable microphones are perfect for desktop applications such as Skype™ and podcasting, while tabletop directional and omni-directional microphones offer exceptional audio quality for audio and video conferencing and more. For broadcasters and announcers who favor the Countryman microphone, Revolabs’ ultra-compact Countryman microphone adapter eliminates the need for bulky belt packs, while the XLR adapter instantly transforms any dynamic handheld microphone into a wireless microphone featuring Revolabs’ signature audio quality.

NOTE: For the best audio performance in any environment or setting, it is recommended to have at least one microphone for every two participants.