Microphone Types

More and more people prefer going wireless because of the freedom they get without wires tying them down. At the same time, wired microphones are more economical for users on a stringent budget. In either cases, each of Revolabs wireless microphone systems have a selection of microphone types to choose from to best suit the needs of any environment and application.

NOTE: For the best audio performance in any environment or setting, it is recommended to have at least one microphone for every two participants.

An Introduction to Conference Microphone Types​

Revolabs Executive Elite™ wireless microphones set the gold standard for excellence in wireless conference room audio by merging best-in-class audio with eye-catching design. 

Revolabs tabletop wired microphones provide users with a unique combination of exceptional performance features and contemporary design elements to meet the demands of various conference environments. 

Mix things up with the different style microphones for the FLX™ Wireless Systems.

Sporting sleek and compact designs, Revolabs offers a wide range of wireless, rechargeable microphones and adaptors that provide up to eight hours of talk time for any application.

Revolabs introduces a selection of wireless micropohones for the Executive HD™ MaxSecure systems. Just simply remove the microphone from the charger base, un-mute and talk.

Mix and match the microphones to best suit the audio needs of a room while experiencing superior audio quality and wireless freedom.