Executive HD™ MaxSecure 4 & 8 Channel Systems

AES-256 Maximum Security for Highly Confidential Communications

Revolabs Executive HD™ MaxSecure is the perfect solution for environments requiring the highest security encryption of the audio signal. The Executive HD™ MaxSecure wireless microphone system and compatible microphones support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  This encryption standard is designed for compliance with the security encryption standards AES FIPS 197 and AES FIPS 140-2, established by the United States government and approved by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) for applications requiring advanced privacy protection.

While the Revolabs Executive HD™ systems provide 128-bit encryption which provides ample security to keep communications private, some applications in the financial sector, medical applications including patient information, or government applications require a higher rate of encryption.  The Executive HD™ MaxSecure products meet the security level requirements of the audio signal for the industries mentioned.

The Executive HD™ MaxSecure product line offers the same quality of audio as provided by the Revolabs Executive HD™ products.  The versatility known from our Executive HD™ product line to accommodate the unique audio needs of any application, while integrating seamlessly into the room, is also part of the Executive HD™ MaxSecure products.
Each Executive HD™ MaxSecure unit provides support for eight microphones with exceptional audio quality, while multiple units can be linked together to support up to 32 (Americas) or 40 (international) microphones per area. The system’s wireless design not only provides users with the freedom of natural movement, but eliminates the clutter of cables for a clean look without having to drill into expensive boardroom furniture.
As with all Revolabs Executive HD™ products, your investment is protected against government radio frequency changes happening around the world, such as the 2012 digital switchover in the U.K. Operating outside the UHF spectrum, Revolabs wireless microphones utilize the DECT personal communication protocol, which is unlicensed and protected for use by consumers.

NOTE: For the best audio performance in any environment or setting, it is recommended to have at least one microphone for every two participants. Go to the Executive HD™ MaxSecure Microphone Types for information on the various microphones Revolabs has to offer.