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Introducing YVC-1000MS for large meeting spaces with Skype for Business

Engineered with superior audio technology and expertise, the Yamaha YVC-1000MS is a USB speakerphone solution that enhances the Skype for Business meeting user experience.

The YVC-1000MS is a scalable and flexible solution designed to support the audio requirements of large meeting spaces and rooms with unique table configurations — such as classrooms for distance learning and remote training. Users can easily daisy-chain up to five distinct microphones and connect external speakers and microphones to support any variety of meeting environments.

Easy connection so you're ready to go.
Start your Skype for Business meeting by connecting your YVC-1000MS with a single USB connection. Don't have your laptop with you? The user-friendly design provides fast, intuitive connection to a smartphone by Bluetooth®. No matter how you connect, the specially engineered auto-tuning function developed by Yamaha detects and monitors the acoustics of the environment to optimize sound processing for the best audio experience on Skype for Business.

Optimized sound for a natural, comfortable meeting experience.
Using high-quality sound technologies including a unique Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) the YVC-1000MS can detect and sort human voices, as well minimize background noise during calls. 


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