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USB and Bluetooth®

Connect and Meet with Ease

With conference phones that both enable and withstand the transition of communications along the unified communications journey, Revolabs has revolutionize the way people communicate and collaborate, in and out of the workplace. By combining Revolab's and Yamaha’s audio capabilities and sound engineering expertise, users of our products can expect a better, more natural meeting experience with conference phones that enable multiple connectivity such as USB and Bluetooth.

The YVC-300 is a portable conference phone optimized for use by small groups. Unlike many user-carried devices, the phone delivers ample sound to fill huddle rooms and small conference spaces so users won’t find themselves hovering around the phone struggling to hear.

The YVC-1000 enables 5 distinct microphones to be daisy-chained together for clear communication by all meeting participants. The microphone daisy-chain also allows a larger meeting surface area to be covered for larger meetings and additional participants.