Updating Firmware

You will be unable to install the firmware if you have not previously downloaded the Software

Firmware Overview: 


Format: Firmware Size: 1.15MB
Date: July 19, 2013 Version: 2.6.33
License: Included with Revolabs HD purchase
Platform: Windows
System Req: Windows 2000/XP/Vista supporting V1.6 or greater/Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Products: All Revolabs HD Base Stations and Microphones

NOTE: This file must remain in its .zip format for use with the Revolabs HD Control Panel Software. Unzipping the file will render the firmware useless. This file can only be used with Revolabs HD Control Panel Rev. 2.6.25 or greater.

Firmware Download Button

Firmware Release Notes

The firmware download includes:

Executive HD System Firmware

HD Single/Dual Channel System Firmware

HD Venue System Firmware & HD Microphone Firmware

How to Update HD Firmware

Executive HD Systems are field upgradable for the firmware portion of the Base Station and microphones. The firmware must be sent to both the Base station and microphone using the HD Control Panel program.

Note: If your Base Station and microphones have different firmware versions, they may not work together. Confirm that your Base Station and microphones are updated before use.

Updating the Executive HD Base Station & Microphones
The Executive HD Base Station firmware can be changed using the Revolabs 
HD Control Panel program. The same firmware file can be used for all Revolabs HD™ Products. Communication to the Base Station is done over an Ethernet connection, and communication to the microphones is done through the Charger Base via Mini-USB cable.



PLEASE NOTE:  Please follow this guide step by step.  Doing the steps out of order, or jumping ahead may cause difficulties during the update process or cause the update to fail.
1. Download our HD Firmware by Clicking HERE  (Do NOT unzip the File!!)
2. Download HD Control Panel Software by Clicking HERE (Don’t Install the Software Yet!!  This is done in a later step.)   If you a previous version of the HD Control Panel installed already you should uninstall this version and use the latest version (click the download link above) instead. 
3. Place microphone charging base (with all microphones in the base) in proximity to your PC and plug in a USB to Mini-USB cable.  The charger must also be plugged via its electrical power adaptor as well.  Windows should detect the charger as an unknown USB Device, this is okay.  
4. Install the Revolabs HD Software you downloaded in Step 2.  This should properly install the Windows driver for the HD charger.  A command prompt window (looks like a MS-DOS window) should pop up that says Installing Driver to confirm the driver is being installed.
5. Power Up your HD Executive Receiver if you have not done so already.
6. Direct connect a CAT5 Straight through cable from your PC’s Ethernet port to the LAN port on the back of your HD Executive Receiver.
7. Disable your wireless internet connection if you’re using one, the only connection should be between the HD Box and your laptop via the CAT5 cable.
8. Using the LCD Screen and Buttons on the front of your Executive HD, hit the home/house button, and then scroll down to DHCP.  Press Enter to Turn DHCP off.   Reboot the Executive HD using the power switch on the back of the unit.  Note:  If DHCP is already off on this system and it already has an IP address, a static IP has already been set. You may skip this step and proceed to step 10.
9. Once the system boots up, it should pull a Windows based IP address.  This may take up to 1 minute to occur. 
10. Set the current IP in your laptop as static one Octet away from the Executive HD.  
For instance if the HD Box is:   set your Laptop to
11. Open the HD Control Panel Software.  It can be found on the Windows Start Menu, under Programs and then Revolabs.
12. Select System> Scan the Network
13. It should list your HD Executive here.  Click the check box to select it and then click Okay.
14. Go to Firmware>update firmware  -  Make sure both the Base and Microphones checkboxes are checked.
15. Use the Choose button to locate and select the firmware file you previously downloaded.  Select the .zip firmware file and click Open, and then Okay.
16. Firmware should begin updating for Receiver and Microphones, when the process is complete the Software will say “Base and Mic firmware update complete”.  You may see the system reboot during the update process and temporarily lose its IP address, this is normal.
17. If you receive an FTP Error immediately upon starting the update process, you may need to disable Windows Firewall, close the software, reboot the HD box, and attempt the FW update again.  If you continue to receive this error, please check your PC for other Internet Security software that could be inhibiting the HD Control Panel Software.


Note:  A Base Station must either be connected to a DHCP server or have a fixed IP address in order to receive a firmware update. A Base Station that is set to DHCP with no DHCP server present will fail in any update attempt.