Office Conference Equipment

Win the Battle Against Bad Audio

Some professionals struggle with their audio when meetings are held at a local office workstation due to plain old telephones and muffled laptop mics. Fight back and collaborate in full confidence with Revolabs award-winning products. Enjoy enhanced audio quality and fully compatible products with many conferencing applications at any workstation.

Featured Products

Conferencing Speakerphone with VoIP and USB Connections

Experience the ultimate audio performance with Revolabs’ newest line of unified communications speakerphones, designed to simplify linking VoIP and USB calls to your conferences. Four built-in microphones ensure a full 360° coverage of audio capture and fully integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) provide crystal clear audio.

Wireless Conference Phone

Cut yourself loose from cables and cords with one of our super-sleek FLX™ wireless conference phones and tabletop microphone. You’ll get the freedom you need to move around the room to communicate and collaborate without losing the super audio quality only Revolabs’ products can provide.

More Products

Revolabs’ products let you hear what you’ve been missing.


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