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1 Wimpole Street keeps abreast of the latest AV trends to meet the needs of every event and enable success for all their clients.

The Yamaha CS-700 video sound collaboration system is specifically designed as an all-in-one unit to equip huddle rooms with best in class audio, video, and screen sharing capability. 


Theatre & Auditorium

Experience the Difference of High Performance Audio

The goal of any performance is to captivate the audience and leave them wanting more. To ensure a great show it’s critical that each performer be heard clearly and without interference.

With the influx of wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled devices many wireless microphone systems run the risk of signal interference and degradation, leading to a poor experience for both the performer and the audience; Revolabs wireless microphone systems are encrypted and operate on a DECT frequency to combat these risks. This allows for seamless high performance audio across multiple channels without the risk of mobile device interference.

Featured Products

4 & 8 Channel Wireless Microphones

For productions, both live from the field or in the studio, the rack-mountable Executive Elite can support 44 (Americas) or 76 (international) microphones support an independent channel per mic to operate together in one area without interference.

Single & Dual Channel Wireless Microphones

Experience the ultimate audio performance with the Executive HD, which supports up to 32 (Americas) or 40 (international) microphones with separate channels.

More Products

Revolabs’ products let you hear what you’ve been missing.