Multi-Room Solutions

Enable Productivity and Creativity with Better Sound and Audio Clarity

Depending on the profession, some environments may be as quiet and calm as being in a secluded cabin while others are loud and unpredictable as a noise-exposure chamber. Wherever your location may fall on the spectrum, staying focused while exposed to these environments is easier with better audio clarity and will improve your productivity. The extensive product portfolio from Revolabs offers the perfect audio solution designed to counter any audio challenges.

Experience freedom and flexibility across various environments including desktop, portable, conference room or boardroom, huddle room, video carts, theatre and audio. Discover the solutions for each setting and have audio control over your surroundings.

Conference Room or Boardroom

Powerful Audio That Reaches Every Corner of Any Room

Important company communications can occur at any time—and in any room. To keep the conversations flowing, look to Revolabs’ powerful audio solutions. They’re designed to give you exceptional communication freedom and flexibility whether you’re in an upscale executive boardroom or a mid-sized conference room.

Multipurpose Room

Audio as Flexible and Adaptable as the Room Itself

At Revolabs, we pride ourselves on designing audio solutions that deliver clear, crisp sound, regardless of the room size or environment. We offer a range of solutions that are flexible, simple to use, and extendible.

Huddle Room

Do You Have Huddled Masses Yearning to Speak Free?

Even for conferences that don’t take place in the comfort of a conference room, there are better alternatives than forcing everyone in your group to lean into someone’s desktop speakerphone and shout to be heard.  Today, there are audio and video solutions designed especially for collaborative “huddle room” environments that ensure superior audio capture, crystal-clear sound output and HD ultra-wide-angle video.

Office or Home Office

Bad Sound Makes for Bad Business

Too often, conference calls from someone’s office degenerate into lots of snap, crackle, and pop but not much communication. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and tiny laptop microphones will never deliver the audio quality and pickup you need to communicate clearly and efficiently. Revolabs’ award-winning products combine enhanced audio quality and fully compatibility with many conferencing applications.


For too long, on-the-go users have been forced to put up with dismal audio quality through devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. To deliver the audio quality that crucial calls and recordings require, Revolabs delivers a broad line of wireless Bluetooth mics, USB microphone and speakerphones, and wearable, tabletop and handheld mics. Most are fully compatible with popular videoconferencing, softphone, and web applications like Skype™, Microsoft Lync™, WebEx™, and more.

Video Carts

Stop Dragging Your Cart Around

Coping with tangles of unsightly wires hanging off the video cart in your conference room or auditorium is a real drag. They also make it difficult to reposition the cart and access the equipment on board. Why not cut the cord with a wireless alternative? Revolabs’ wireless microphone systems can put the mobility back into your video conferencing. By eliminating the need to tape down some many cords and cables, they simplify system setup and teardown wherever you use a video cart.


An Outstanding Performance Deserves Outstanding Audio Quality

Both professional and amateur performers spend many hours preparing to mesmerize their audiences. Don’t they deserve the highest quality audio to showcase their hard work? Too many wireless systems have multiple microphones located in one area, which can lead to significant audio interference. Revolabs’ wireless microphone solutions give each microphone an independent channel, so all of them can operate together without annoying  interference, giving performers exceptional mobility and audiences the highest audio quality.