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Making patients healthier tomorrow depends on clear communications today

Modern healthcare services extend far beyond the doctor’s office or hospital room. A growing number of physicians, therapists, nurses, other healthcare staffers, and patients are taking advantage of real-time telehealth technologies, employing audio and video conferencing tools for applications like performing health assessments, taking medical histories, service provider and patient education, and electronic consultations.

All of these telehealth applications demand high audio quality to prevent miscommunications that could pose potentially life-threatening consequences. Time-pressed physicians need to be able to communicate clearly and quickly in order to guide distressed patients toward better health. Revolabs offers all the tools needed to ensure healthy communication, no matter what medical environment they’re used in.

Featured Products

Single & Dual Channel Wireless Microphones

Enhance audio accuracy and protect patient confidentiality by securing the line with HD Single- and Dual-Channel System Microphones for voice capture and voice reinforcement in meetings.

High-Definition Wireless Microphone System

Give conferencing design a boost with rack-mounted wireless microphone system, HD Venue. The device creates the perfect audio solution for video conferencing and voice reinforcement applications in any professional setting.

4 & 8 Channel Wireless Microphones

Medical confidentiality is crucial when it comes to patients' records. Protect the information and use the high rated encryption, AES-265, supported by Revolabs Executive HD™ MaxSecure 4 & 8 Channel Wireless Microphones System.

Wireless Conference Phone

When constant movement around the room is necessary to communicate and collaborate, freedom of mobility is very important. Cut loose with the super-sleek FLX™ wireless conference phone and move about freely while experiencing super audio quality.

Conferencing Speakerphone with VoIP and USB Connections

Experience the ultimate audio performance with Revolabs newest line of unified communications speakerphone, connecting VoIP and USB calls.

More Products

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