Listening Is the First Essential Step in Learning

In settings ranging from elementary classrooms to distance education environments, educators are exploring a growing list of advanced learning technologies to help their students’ progress. All these technologies have one thing in common: their success depends on high audio quality. When students can’t clearly distinguish what’s being said, classroom fatigue rises and comprehension drops.

Revolabs’ line of flexible wireless microphone systems delivers the exceptional audio quality today’s learning environments demand.

Featured Products

Education Discount Program

Our Dean's List Discount Program helps educational organizations like yours enhance the student learning experience with reduced pricing on our award-winning audio technologies.

Executive Elite™ 2-Channel Wireless Microphones

A/V administrators at institutions of higher education with lecture halls spread across the campus appreciate the convenience of managing Executive Elite systems locally at the base unit or from anywhere on campus using the remote management interface. The remote antenna offers flexible installation options with the ability to mount the antenna in a convenient location in the room

Single & Dual Channel Wireless Microphones

Clear audio projection is crucial to ensuring a full learning experience in lecture halls, auditoriums, and larger classrooms. The HD Single- and Dual-Channel System Microphones support voice capture and voice reinforcement to deliver presentations with high accuracy audio reproduction.

High-Definition Wireless Microphone System

The rack-mounted HD Venue wireless microphone system delivers a high-definition audio solution for video conferencing and voice reinforcement applications in classrooms or lecture halls.

Conferencing Speakerphone with VoIP and USB Connections

Experience the ultimate audio performance with Revolabs’ newest line of unified communications speakerphones, designed to simplify linking VoIP and USB calls to your conferences. Four built-in microphones ensure a full 360° coverage of audio capture and fully integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) provide crystal clear audio.

USB Wireless Microphone Systems

The xTag™ USB wireless microphone system supports both PC and Mac users, offering USB audio with no need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter. Its wireless design allows the instructor to move freely around the room to interact with other teaching tools and makes for more engaging presentations.

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Revolabs’ products let you hear what you’ve been missing.


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