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Unmatched Audio Quality That Doesn’t Stop at the Conference Room Door

In today’s increasingly geographically dispersed corporate enterprises, the ability to communicate clearly and accurately with other parts of the organization is essential to business success.  That means investments in high audio quality can’t stop at the conference room door. Each environment and application—from simple voice amplification to sophisticated PC audio or anything in between—demands a solution tailored to address its unique requirements. Revolabs offers corporate enterprises a growing range of flexible solutions that combine crystal-clear audio quality with wireless technology, so users are free to make full use of their environment, while eliminating the clutter and confusion of cables. Because all Revolabs products share a common interface, they can be used efficiently across the organization.

Unified Corporations Need Unified Communications

The corporate world depends on PC applications like Skype®, speech recognition, podcasting, web conferencing, and lecture capture to enhance communication and productivity. To help business maximize the value of these tools, Revolabs has created a line of Unified Communications solutions, including the FLX UC 500 USB and FLX UC 1000 conference phones. Revolabs also developed the xTag™ USB wireless microphone system, so conference participants aren’t tied to their desktops when taking part in Skype calls or giving dictation. It also eliminates the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter.

Collaboration Space


Maintain exceptional audio clarity when high-level executives located anywhere in the world need to confer.

Multi-purpose Room

Everchanging room sizes can easily be supported with any one of Revolabs wireless microphone systems.

Huddle Room

Ensure everyone in your small to medium group can be heard clearly when collaborating with distant colleagues.


Get the same high quality audio that the top executives enjoy in the conference room from the convenience of your workstation. 


Make the most of on-the-go collaboration devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops by ensuring consistently clear audio.

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