Unified Communications Solutions

Sound Quality Matters

Ensuring superior audio pickup and speaker quality is at the heart of achieving the full unified communications experience. That’s why Revolabs focusses so heavily on the internal components that make UC work in the real world. That includes wideband frequency response for mics and speakers as well as echo cancellation algorithms. You might not know what that is, but you will know the difference when you use our speakerphones.

Connect to Collaborate

Sound is critical to a good UC experience, but so is connectivity. Today's softphone applications leverage mobile phones, laptops, tablets, any of the peripherals associated with PowerPoint presentations, even smart whiteboards, which allow people to collaborate remotely. Revolabs’ award-winning conference phones offer organizations the tools they need to take advantage of all the collaboration options now available without compromising on audio quality.

Configuring UC for End Users: From Huddle Room to the Board Room

Why design a terrifically robust and flexible Unified Communications (UC) network? For end users, not technologists, of course. In order for any UC network to be usable for successful audio and video conferencing, they'll need high quality sound. If the sound is unintelligible, then collaboration is next to impossible. This online recorded webinar features JP Carney, CEO of Revolabs, as he discusses why audio quality is central to the UC experience and practical tips to support users in the real world.

FLX™ UC 1000 and 1500

The Revolabs FLX™ UC 1000 and UC 1500 phones combine a VoIP conference phone with USB connectivity for maximum flexibility. Integrated SIP technology allows these speakerphones to work in all major telephony environments, whether on premise or in the cloud, and support all market-leading IP PBXs. They also integrate easily with a variety of third-party PC applications for collaboration and conferencing. Both can bridge VoIP calls and calls via third-party softphone applications, allowing teams to communicate using the best medium for collaboration.

FLX™ UC 500

The Revolabs FLX™ UC 500 is a USB speakerphone that combines the best technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing to improve all aspects of audio handling.


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