Telephony Solutions

The Last Piece of the Audio Puzzle

Softphone, messenger, and video conferencing applications are supplementing or replacing conventional telephony systems for enterprise communications. Revolabs’ conferencing solutions offer the adaptability to fit into both existing and future telephone technologies such as videoconferencing, softphone calls, web applications, on premise or hosted IP PBXs, and more. Designed for the needs of smaller conference spaces and huddle rooms, Revolabs' telephony product line offers increased frequency range, integrated echo cancellation and superior speaker volume.

FLX™ UC 500

The Revolabs FLX™ UC 500 is a USB speakerphone that combines the best technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing to improve all aspects of audio handling.

FLX UC 1000

The Revolabs FLX™ UC 1000 combines a VoIP phone with USB conference calling. Integrated SIP technology allows it to work in all major telephony environments, whether on premise or in the cloud, and supports all market-leading IP PBXs. It also integrates easily with a variety of third-party PC applications for collaboration and conferencing. The FLX UC 1500 can bridge VoIP calls and calls via third-party softphone applications, allowing teams to communicate using the best medium for collaboration.

FLX UC 1500

The Revolabs FLX™ UC 1500 adds two additional directional microphones to the speakerphone capability of the FLX UC 1000 IP & USB Conference phone.