Installed Audio Solutions

Installing microphone systems permanently in conference rooms, auditoriums, and classrooms offers a variety of advantages. Not only does it keep expensive audio equipment more secure, but it offers a cleaner, less cluttered environment that’s free of the tripping hazards that come with stringing cables for temporary conferencing setups. Revolabs offers a range of wireless microphone systems ideal for these settings that ensure exceptional audio quality and consistent audibility. 

Executive Elite™

Our Executive Elite™ MaxSecure 4- and 8-channel wireless microphones offer AES-265 encryption to keep the organization’s private meetings truly secure.

Executive HD™

Each Executive HD unit provides support for up to eight microphones with exceptional audio quality, and multiple units can be linked together to support up to 32 (Americas) or 40 (international) microphones (per area). The 128-bit encryption ensures your meetings remain private. The system’s wireless design not only provides users with the freedom of natural movement, but eliminates cable clutter.

HD Venue™

Offering two or four microphones for HD audio quality in smaller conference rooms, the HD Venue’s rack-mount design allows it to easily integrate into a conference room’s A/V rack, or provide a fixed, reliable solution in video carts.