A/V Conferencing Solutions

Professional Sound for Professional Settings

Modern conference rooms need to provide participants with a lot more than a big table, comfortable chairs, and a coffeemaker. Collaboration among complex and distributed teams across multiple locations requires the room to support the needs of both on-site and virtual conferencing. But no matter what new technical challenges emerge, one thing remains constant: participants will look to you as their A/V consultant to ensure clear, sharp audio that lets all participants “hear every word” to ensure consistent intelligibility. All the components of the audio system must work together reliably and in synergy with the space’s video and IT resources. They must also support the latest technologies and offer the flexibility to adapt to new ones as they emerge.

Wired Microphone Systems

Revolabs wired microphone use superior audio technology while being a great economical choice.

Fusion™ 4- and 8-Channel Conference Room Kit

Revolabs’ Fusion™ 4- and 8-Channel Conference Room Kit provides a complete audio solution for mid-size to large conference rooms. It packs a wireless receiver, digital signal processor, and audio mixer, plus Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Noise Reduction technologies, in one cost-effective unit. Solo™ wireless microphones are available in wearable, tabletop, boundary, and handheld formats, making it easy to find the combination that best suits the audio needs of the space. 

Wireless Microphone System

xTag™ USB wireless microphone system, designed specifically to provide USB audio for both PC and Mac users without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter. 

Wireless Conference Phone

Cut yourself loose from cables and cords with one of our super-sleek FLX™ wireless conference phones. You’ll get the freedom you need to move around the room to communicate and collaborate without losing the super audio quality only Revolabs’ products can provide.

YVC-300 USB & Bluetooth Portable Conference Phone

Why hover to hear when you can sit back and relax? Connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to the YVC-300 and let the conference begin. Everyone in the room will be able to hear and participate. And best of all the lightweight, portable design means you can make any gathering space into a meeting place.