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ISE 2016 Panel Discussion with JP Carney, CEO of Revolabs: How Do You See AV/IT Changing in Response to the Rising Trend of Remote Workers?

See page 20 and click the link to hear JP Carney, CEO of Revolabs.

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This EDUcast, featuring Holger Stoltze, Senior Product Manager of Revolabs, Inc., and Gary Audin, will guide you in choosing a versatile audio conference solution. You will learn:

  • Features that support a wide range of conferencing environments
  • Configuration tips and how to evaluate technologies
  • Supporting various device connections
  • How to enter to win awesome Yamaha prizes!

This EDUcast features a special bonus: After watching the EDUcast, you’ll be eligible to win Yamaha prizes, including a sound bar, wireless speaker system, or high-fidelity headphones. First 100 entrants get a free T-shirt.Click here to enter. [http://marketing.revolabs.com/acton/form/8208/0035:d-0001/0/-/-/-/-/index.htm]

In today’s office environment practically any room can be used as a meeting space—not just traditional conference rooms. Consider, too, the increasing use of audio and video virtual collaboration systems. These trends are why successful teams require flexible audio conferencing technology that can be adapted for different applications without the need to rely on the IT department for setup.

Flexible audio conferencing solutions allow for impromptu gatherings, team collaboration, and variable size meetings wherever—and however—they are needed. You may not know the number of people, purpose, or the meeting location until the last minute.

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Now that 2012 is behind us, I’m really excited about what’s in store for 2013! Congress is back and it looks like the worst part of the fiscal cliff has been averted despite much posturing and finger pointing. There are more new job openings and the economy is projected to grow, albeit slightly. All this, plus video at the desktop (as well as everywhere else for that matter) is on the verge of exploding, giving me great optimism that 2013 will be a good year for Revolabs and the industry as a whole.

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