Co-founder of Revolabs, JP Carney, On 'Day One' With Yamaha


Well it is day one of Revolabs as a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha and nothing has magically changed from yesterday when we were a stand-alone company (except for a lingering cigar odor left over from the celebratory office party). The management team is still running the company as we always have, our engineers are working diligently to get our new products finalized and our channels continue to supply Revolabs’ innovative products to the end users so that they can “hear every word.”  I don’t expect that to change any time soon but what I do think you will see in the near future is Revolabs integrating some state of the art audio technology from Yamaha (and vice versa)  into our suite of products (and into Yamaha’s) to offer all our customers better audio solutions. This is exactly the reason I’m excited about this acquisition…   



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