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Microphone Upgrade Program

For customers with legacy microphones who wish to upgrade to the new field-replaceable versions, Revolabs is offering an exchange program, which will dramatically reduce the transition costs.

To participate in the Revolabs Microphone Upgrade Program and upgrade your legacy microphones to the Field Replaceable versions you can either contact your local reseller for customer specific pricing or purchase the upgrades via the Revolabs Service Center at MSRP (Requires a Credit Card).  Be sure to have a list prepared that includes the following:

1.    Quantity
2.    Model
3.    Serial numbers from your legacy microphones

If you do not have an existing reseller and would like to be connected with one, please contact your Revolabs Sales Manager for a list of suggest resellers in your area.

The Revolabs Microphone Upgrade Service Center provides our customers the ability to order their Field Replaceable Microphone upgrades via credit card. All Microphone Upgrades purchased from the service center will be billed at MSRP plus shipping and handling. For a better understanding of how the Microphone Program works, please read and agree to our terms and conditions.

To begin, you will need to have the following:

1.    Microphone model SKU of each microphone
2.    Serial number for each microphone
3.    Date code for each microphone

The microphone information including your microphone model number, serial number and date code are located on the back of your Revolabs microphone.

NOTE: Microphones who’s serial number starts with a 7010 or 8010 are already field replaceable version and simply need a new battery replaced in them. You can order the appropriate solo or HD battery in on the following order page. All microphones who’s serial numbers start with 5010 or 6010 are not field replaceable and should not be opened by the customer under any circumstances. These models can be upgraded to allow for future field replacements.

To complete checkout, you will need to have the following:

1.    Credit card (we are unable to process purchase orders. For purchase orders please contact your local Revolabs Reseller.)
2.    *Shipping address and contact information

Please select the model number of your microphones that need to be upgraded.  Once you have selected the model, please enter the serial number and date code as indicated on the back of the microphone.

*  In which region are the microphones currently in use?
North, Central & South America
EMEA & India - Europe, Middle East, Africa & India
APAC - Asia Pacific & Australia

*Shipping charges are in addition to the microphone cost and will be calculated at checkout